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Learn Mary Jo’s 3-step method for self-awareness as a tool for minimizing stress and anxiety, releasing emotional triggers, healing from childhood sexual abuse and much more so you can start living with greater compassion, connection and JOY!

Mary Jo Van Horn

Self-Awareness Coach

Because you cannot change what you’re unaware of, I teach my Recognize-Release-Return 3-step method for self-awareness as a tool for mental health and living with more compassion, connection and JOY!

My Recognize-Release-Return method

It’s my 3-step method for greater self-awareness, no matter your struggle, challenge or difficulty

1. Recognize

Step 1 is recognizing the belief(s) about yourself and/or life attached to your struggle, challenge or difficulty.  These beliefs are almost always untrue.

2. Release

Step 2 is releasing your untrue beliefs.  This is where most people get stuck.  It’s a critical step because your actions will always line up with what you believe to be true.  Not releasing keeps you stuck in taking actions that line up with your untrue beliefs.

3. Return

Step 3 is returning to what’s inherently true for you.  Releasing your untrue beliefs creates space for what’s true for you, creating a conscious level of ever deepening awareness and taking actions that line up with your inherent truth.

Coaching with Mary Jo

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