Private Virtual Coaching For More Compassion, Connection and JOY! 

Private virtual sessions with Mary Jo Van Horn for learning and implementing her 3-step Recognize-Release-Return method for more compassion, connection and JOY!

Let’s start with a no-cost private, virtual consultation.

I’m not an always “feel good” coach.

We’re going to dig deep and it’s going to feel uncomfortable.  You’ll learn my 3-step Recognize-Release-Return method for recognizing and releasing your untrue beliefs about yourself and life so you can return to what’s inherently true for you.

When you work with me, you’ll have a safe place to land. I’ve got your back, but you’ve got to allow me to hold your back.  When you have this, courage and trust shows up to walk you through what needs to be felt and acknowledged as you start your journey to more compassion, connection and JOY!

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