Who want to clearly express their wants and needs, confidently set boundaries, and relax into a purposeful and fulfilling career.

Living the principles I teach in the YOU COME FIRST program became my handbook for staying grounded and calm when others disagree with my perspective... 

For shifting from self-doubt to quiet confidence...

For nurturing myself as much as I've nurtured others, without feeling guilty or selfish...

For processing emotions with grace and ease, as opposed to stuffing down, dismissing or ignoring them...

How was this possible for someone like me that spent 50+ years ingrained in working really hard as the pathway for worthiness, choosing what the other person wanted as my first filter, and turning to food so as to not feel worthless, stupid and unheard?

By understanding and accepting that our actions will always (immediately or eventually) line up with what we believe to be true for us, whether we're aware of those beliefs or not.

When you feel like life is kicking your butt, and it's all too much to handle...

When it feels like you have no control and no time to process your emotions...

When you end your days feeling overwhelmed and emotionally drained..

You're lining up with untrue beliefs.

Not recognizing and releasing them keeps you stuck in taking actions that support what you don't want, instead of what you do what.

The tricky part is, these actions tend to make sense at the time, but the truth is...

It's actually self-sabotage disguised as logic.

Recognizing and releasing your untrue beliefs creates space and energy for taking actions that line up with the truth of who you are...

 Actions that support ease and flow...

Actions that support living your life's purpose, calling or mission...

Actions that support shifting from earning your worth by how hard you work to knowing you're worthy, just because you were born...

Actions that support making new choices, even when it feels wildly uncomfortable.

Private Virtual Coaching
with Mary Jo Van Horn


Here's what's in it for you when you say yes:
(4) Audio Lessons + PDF Transcripts
  1. Recognize - Release - Return:  Mary Jo's 3-step no-fail method for recognizing your untrue beliefs about yourself and life, and how to release them so you can return to what's inherently true for you
  2. Your Ego's Big Fantasy That's Stalling (and will continue to stall if left unchecked) Your Personal, Professional and Spiritual Growth
  3. How Sabotaging Your New Year Resolutions Brings You Closer To Your Purpose
  4. How To Ask For What You Want
(12) Private Virtual Coaching Sessions 
  • 45-minute virtual coaching sessions via Zoom (recording of each session available for replay within 24 hours of live session)
  • Receive on-going coaching to help you apply what you're learning to your every day life

 →  Work with Mary Jo Van Horn, who has done the required inner work - everything she coaches, she has learned for herself.

 → Get the best support available for releasing the voices in your head that say you're not good enough, not smart enough, too weird, too bossy, worthless, a loser and/or a failure.

 → The resources, guidance and support needed to shift from stressed out and depleted to calm and energized.

 → How to release even your most stubborn limiting beliefs and mindset blocks.

 → Start living your life's purpose instead of waiting until you retire.
YOU COME FIRST Private Virtual Coaching
YOU COME FIRST Private Virtual Coaching with Mary Jo Van Horn.  A payment plan of $550 per month for 10 months is available.  To choose the payment plan, send Mary Jo a message here.  You will receive an email reply within 24 hours with the link to your first invoice. 
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